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Kent Keeler started as a place to write about running, cycling, and other fleeting topics. His target demographic was his mom and dad. The site grew, but he is holding onto a small piece of real estate to expound his wisdom words.  Click here to check out this electronic window into his head.


Ben Perry is living the our dream. In 2014 he will be spending his second full racing season in Europe, racing bikes for Baguet-MIBA Poorten-Indulek and racing for the National Cycling Centre Hamilton whenever he is back at home on Southern Ontario soil. We’re happy he is going to share his tales at so we can all live vicariously through him.  Click here for story time with Ben.


Jamie’s blog

Jamie’s been hammering on pedals since he was a young’n and has loved every minute of it. A fan of all disciplines, he fell in love with cyclocross 4 years ago and has never turned back. In his blog he will share his experiences leading up to and during the ‘cross’ season. Follow Jamie on Twitter – @jamieschuman and on Instagram

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