2016 Superior Trail Races – 100 Mile, 50 Mile, Marathon

I have posted the photos I took at the 2016 races – mostly 100 milers from Friday and a set from Saturday morning on Carlton Peak with the 50 Milers, and Marathoners, and some 100 Milers.  I haven’t done much in terms of editing these, but have hi-res, RAW files of each if you are interested.  I can edit upon request.

If you would like a hi-res, non-watermarked, edited electronic photo please email me the file numbers you would like at and we can make that happen.  I don’t have a ordering site set up, but ask $15 for a file with $5 of that going back to the Superior Hiking Trail Association to help maintain the trails we all spent the weekend on.  This can be paid via paypal or email transfer.  Click the links below to view the photos:


100 Mile Start Line

Split Rock

Beaver Bay

Bean Lake

County Road 6/Finland


Carlton Peak