Polar RC3 Tour de France Edition GPS Giveaway!

You can win this watch!

You can win this watch!

I am super excited to announce the first ever giveaway at runbikerace.com, and it’s a big one!  Polar has released a limited edition version of their RC3 GPS HR monitor for the 100th anniversary of the Tour de France in 2013.  This comes as a kit with the H3 Heart Rate Sensor, the CS Cadence sensor for your bike, and a universal bike mount to attach the watch your handlebars.  Of course the watch and HR strap can be used without a bike as well.  Thanks to the awesome folks at Polar Canada, I have a brand new one to give away to one lucky reader.

Polar RC3 collageFor more information on this awesome watch, check out the Polar Tour de France RC3 website.

I’m using the RC3 now so look for a future gear review on this watch, but in the meantime you have a chance to get one of your own.

Here is how to enter the giveaway:

  • Each individual reader can have up to three entries
    1. Leave a comment on this post – let me know what kind of training you would use the RC3 for if you won it and let me know if you are claiming any of the next 2 entries. Please leave your valid email address so I can contact you.
    2. For a second entry: Follow me on twitter (if you don’t already), and tweet this link to my contest: “Check out @runbikeraceblog at runbikerace.com for a chance to win a brand new Ltd Edition TdF @PolarGlobal RC3 GPS HR Monitor”
    3. “Like” my facebook page: facebook.com/runbikeraceblog

That’s all you have to do for up to 3 chances to win.  Enter before May 3rd, 2013 at midnight (Eastern Standard Time). I will use random.org to generate a random number, and the corresponding entrant wins the watch.  I’ll cover shipping to wherever the winner lives.  Please remember to mention how many entries you qualify for in the comment you leave on this post.

If I am unable to make contact with the winner within 3 days, I will choose another random number and corresponding entrant.  Please leave your valid email address with the comment so you don’t miss out.

Good luck, and thanks for reading!  Thanks again to Polar and Polar Canada for making this happen!

Here's whats in the box

Here’s whats in the box


90 responses to “Polar RC3 Tour de France Edition GPS Giveaway!

  1. I’m entering a half ironman and debating a full as well and it would be useful in my training so I can hit my target heart rate zones during training.

  2. I’ll claim a conflict of interest and not enter your draw for the Polar RC3. But good luck to everyone else. Enjoy all your articles and like that you are able to add new ideas to attract more interest. Great articles Kent, keep up the good work!!

  3. I’d train on the trails (running and biking) with the RC3 GPS.
    2 entries, also tweeted the details.

  4. Hi, I would use it for the new multi-sport life I have taken up in the last 9 months. Doing my first real triathlon end of May and loving the training which no doubt a RC3 GPS would help with. Multi-sport has opened my eyes to a whole new world of sport making me want to keep things varied. Could you enter me 3 times please to win as I follow you on twitter (@TriSarge) and facebook. Many thanks.

  5. I’d use it to encourage my family to take up multi sports with me so that we can reduce the chances of heart disease and cancer, that so far seems to have riddled us. I’d use it also to assist in my training for ironman, assist in the recovery of a broken spine, and be the very best I can me.

    I can be contacted at chris_collins at xtra dot co dot nz.

  6. I would use this watch for my son and I. As I am an active runner, I am very proud to support my son in being very active, and more recently becoming a runner. I would be training to maintain regular half marathon runs, and more so to get my first marathon run in. Im claiming two entries, (1 and 3) as I do not have a Twitter account. My email address is cbowman78@gmail.com. Thanks!

  7. I currently have an old Garmin GPS, but it is a wrist wearing unit…..I would love to have a GPS specifically for the bike (with a bike mount). I ride my bike to work (45 miles round trip) at least once a week when the weather is nice…so it would get used often 🙂 Unfortunately I gave up Twitter and Facebook almost a year ago so this will be my only entry. Thanks!!! Jimi@TheDodgeFamily.com

  8. Great contest! I would use it to get back to serious analysis of my training for the Duathlon Worlds. I had one and took it to a department store for a battery repair. Next time a swam it died because they did not place the back on properly. I will add the other 2 entries as well!

    larry bradley

  9. What an amazing little toy/tool. So if I were to win this it would become my new best friend and training partner. I am a triathlete and completed my first Ironman last year (Tremblant). The RC3 would be put to task in helping me train for my future races!

  10. I’d use it for tri training and getting better on the bike – would LOVE the cadence sensor!
    I also follow you on twitter and Tweeted! @rockthedogs 🙂 so TWO (2) entries please!

  11. With the RC3 I would improve my running fitness! 🙂
    I hope to win the Polar watch…
    I also follow you on Twitter and Facebook!

  12. Great give away Kent! I would use it on my runs. Trying to lose weight and get back into shape. It would also see lots of time on my road and MTb bike. And of course I would put it on each one of my children to compare their heart rates:)!

    I follow u religiously on twitter and my wife follows u on fb.


  13. This is awesome! I saw this at the Around the Bay Expo last month & haven’t stopped thinking about it since – to have the Tour de France theme on it is just too unique. Thanks for the giveaway. If I win this, I’ll use it primarily for cycling. I’ve been scoping out a GPS device this season and haven’t found one yet at a good price. To have a cadence & HR monitor are features that I’ve been craving for awhile since just knowing the speed is not enough when cycling on various terrains. I’ll like your facebook, but sadly, I don’t have a twitter account. This makes 2 entries (comment+FB). My email is cherry.c.lo@gmail.com

  14. How am I just seeing this now! This watch would be great for my ultra training. Keep up the great posts Kent!

  15. This watch would be great for my triathlon training as I get ready for Ironman Arizona in Novemeber 2013. I am really hoping to have a great race as I am looking to get back to Kona in 2014. Closely watching my heart rate and effort on the bike is key to having a great run!!! Thanks for putting on the contest!!

    • Forgot to mention that I got here via twitter so I follow you and will now get over to facebook for the same!!

  16. I would use it to improve my bike training. I’ve been focusing solely on running lately, and I miss doing Tri’s. I’ve committed to getting back on my bike and in the pool a lot more this summer, with the hope of finally putting on my big-girl panties and moving up from the Try-a-Tri distances, lol. Three entries please, cheers!

  17. I can only do swimming and biking for the next year…. Don’t have a pool so going to be biking my butt off… Hopefully literally!!! 🙂 and already like you on fb!!

  18. I would be using it to train for road riding on rides ranging from 75 to 150KM. Liked you on Facebook and Following you on twitter with a retweet already done. Sounds like a great device for training.

  19. I would use it to focus on smarter heart rate bike training to get me to my goal of half iron distance tri. With some health complications this year it had me have to pull out of my plan for July and this would assist me in getting to my goal. 3 entries please!

  20. This would be amazing for me. I am almost recovered from open heart surgery to fix a birth defect.

    Bike riding is in my excercise prescription from my Dr just as soon as the nice weather hits!

    Great looking watch , well done Polar ! I use Polar on my eliptical trainer

  21. Woah, a contest worth entering. I’ve looked into getting a Polar but haven’t made the jump yet. Although I’ve only participated in two races so far (and have more are coming up! (Re: Ottawa race weekend, Toronto Goodlife half, and the Mango Days 5k in Hawaii) this watch would be AMAZING for training! Also super handy that I can use it on my bike when CT (and believe me, I will!). Great contest Kent! Cheers!

  22. I also retweeted this on Twitter and liked/shared your FB page as well! Forgot to include that in the last message.

  23. This would be an awesome watch to help me train for “The Worlds Toughest Mudder” which is a 24 hour endurance challenge made up of running and obstacles.

  24. This will be really useful for my marathon training. I will be doing a marthon held for a cause on the upcoming June 21st. This is right on time, suppose I win. You sir are awesome, thank you for this chance.

  25. By the way Kent, will I have the chance of winning even though I am not a blogger?

    Followed you on twitter. Liked you on Facebook.

    Did all 3 entries. And would love myself to win. I hope more than one comment won’t make me disqualified.

  26. Hi Kent, I once asked you for advice on which cold weather running jacket I should buy and you led me to arc’teryx. I bought the jacket and completed my first 80k ultra wearing it! Thanks for the help.

    Ironically I came on your blog to ask you a question about setting a target HR when I saw this post.

    I will use the watch for both cycling and running. I just bought a new bike this year and will be training on it for my first full distance Ironman in August. This watch would definitely help me to train hard and stay on track leading up to the race.

    I will enter 3 times and am praying for some good luck. My Cervelo S2 was stolen 😦

    Race hard,


  27. Hi There!

    I would use the watch to help me train for my first marathon. I am super nervous and I think training based on HR will give me the confidence to finish!

  28. I would probably use this watch for EVERYTHING!

    More importantly, Im trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon next year to show my support so I will need a good watch to keep me on track. I will need all the help I can get to qualify.

  29. I would like to train for my first marathon!! Super exciting and completely daunting as well!

  30. This would be a gift for my brother, who is very into doing triathlons and such! I think he’d love it!

    Following on Twitter and tweeted @Austieb7

    Like you on Facebook as Austin Baroudi.

    All 3 entries completed. Thank you so much for the chance!

  31. I’m currently training to take part in the Alberta Ride to Conquer Cancer so would be using it to help me train smart for that.

    Liking your FB page too

  32. I am trying to improve on my bike (I cannot run due to knee problems :/ ). I would love to challenge polish mountains next year and I hope I will be ready 🙂
    I also liked you facebook blog 🙂

  33. Hi Kent! This is Awesome!!! If I win, it will replace my current HRM. I do cycling, running, hiking, yoga and weight training. RC3 GPS with altitude meter is compact and has everything I need. Count me in for 3 entries with this comment, facebook like, twitter follow and retweet. My email address is bapcaa@yahoo.com

  34. It would be awesome. i’d use it to improve my performances in triathlon and half-marathon. i’m following you already on twitter and like you on facebook as Gabtni Ayoub. All 3 entries completed.

  35. I would use it for mountain biking in the first place and for running has well.

    num# 1 and 3 completed can’t do #2 don’t have a twitter account 🙂

  36. Hi Kent, many moons ago I was a Royal Marine Commando and as fit as a caveman who had to chase dinosaurs for breakfast! Anyway, I’m now on the other side of forty something and getting back into my running and cycling in a big way, at least I thought I was, for the last 2 months I thought I was running 10k in 40 minutes until a measured the route with a bit more accuracy!
    Anyway, just found your site as I was looking for a good sport watch, I’ll follow you on Facebook and Twitter and I look forward to reading and learning more on your site.
    All the very best,

  37. Hello Kent,

    Thanks for the awesome competition!
    RC3 with its cool yellow tour de france edition is so eye catching! I will be using it for my training runs and marathons and also for cycling training!

    Completed entries 1 and 3 (no twitter account)..

    Thanks and all the best!

  38. Hello Kent

    Thanks Polar for this Brilliant prize.
    I will be using the awesome RC3 polar to train for Ironman South Africa 2014 and hopefully I get to qualify for Kona Ironman 2014
    Completed Entries Method 1 and 3

    Thanks Julien

  39. Hi Kent,

    Everything is yellow, I’d love to win the new Polar RC3 GPS TdF edition.
    I’m a crazy about statistics and would use the new polar RC3 GPS TdF edition to record and analyse everything. (I use all the entry methods 1,2 and 3).


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