Why am I here?

I enjoy writing and social media, which has often led me to consider the idea of starting a blog of some sort, so I have finally decided to create this one. My intent is to use it to post race reports and gear reviews, as well as other things as it evolves.

In starting this blog, my primary goal was to share my experiences at local races in case others are searching for information on one they might enter. I started writing post-race reports for myself as I find that the process of recording my thoughts is beneficial for reflection and learning.  I decided to share these reports in the hope that folks will find it helpful.  At the very least it will be somewhere my mom and dad can read about what I’m doing!

I also love trying out new ‘stuff’ and I realized that I can also use this forum to share my thoughts on the gear I use. I spend a lot of time searching out the right equipment and then getting it dirty on the roads and trails – so I’ll give you my perspective and thoughts on it.  I am doing a lot of road running, trail running, road cycling, and some mountain biking these days so that is where the focus will be.  I am hooked on the electronics I use in all of these sports, so you some of that may creep in as well!

I often search out this type of information on races and equipment, so I feel this is a good way to add to this pool of information for others who may be interested – if that is you, enjoy!

4 responses to “Why am I here?

  1. There! Your Mom just finished running all your races with you!

    This is great Kent! So very well written – you took me on your runs with you – and informative too. Great job!

    I will be following your blog keenly (as you know!)


  2. Thanks for the blog Kent. Guess I will always know what your up to, as long as I remember to follow you updates.

  3. Kent, very happy that I found your blog! Working my way through your gear reviews – great stuff. I live in Toronto and we seem to share similar tastes in gear and races. I’m a big Salomon and Saucony fan, and am also training for my first 50 miler which will be at Sulphur Springs this year. Hope to see you there, and follow your training progress in the lead-up!

    • Hey Matthew.

      Thanks for commenting. I’m checking out your blog right now too – looks like we’ve got lots in common!

      We’ll definitely have to chat at Sulphur Springs. Do you have any other races planned for this year?

      This might be a late summer 100k option if it happens this year – http://www.gleruns.org Not too far from TO.

      Lets keep in touch and definitely meet up at SS in May.


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