Kask Mojito Cycling Helmet Review

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a piece of cycling kit from a brand that I rarely see on the roads around here, but have been seeing more and more in cycling media.  I tested the Mojito helmet from Kask, a manufacturer probably best known in North America for their sponsorship of Team Sky in the ProTour (especially with the yellow versions they’ve worn as leaders of the overall team classification in this year’s Tour de France!) and their unique teardrop shaped TT helmets.  Kask is relatively new to Canada, but they are sure to be finding their way onto more cyclist’s heads in the future.

I should give a disclaimer that I am not an “average” bike helmet user.  I have quite a large head (huge according to my wife) and have always had a hard time finding the perfect helmet.  I want to be upfront with that since my thoughts on fit/sizing may be outside of the normal experience.  However, in my defense I believe that finding the right size helmet for your head size/shape almost always requires trying on a bunch of them to find the one that ‘feels’ the best.

Lots of vents

Visually, the Mojito helmet looked great – I received the red and white version.  The vents are plentiful and well placed.  It has got some cool features like a leatheretter chin strap pad that is supposed to be more comfortable than the nylon strap against your skin.  The rear suspension has an up/down adjustment which is supposed to help with setting up the best fit for your head.  The Mojito helmet feels nice and light but still seems durable enough to last a long time with daily use.  The outer shell extends over the exposed foam around the edge of the helmet which I think looks good, but also adds a bit more protection.

Good head coverage in the back

I’ve worn this helmet on a number of road rides and have grown to like it more each time I have used it.  On the first use, I was a little overzealous with my use of the up/down rear suspension adjustment and pulled it down quite low.  This felt comfortable on the back of my head, but it made the helmet feel like it was sliding back and up my forehead.  I also had trouble with the arms of my sunglasses fighting over space behind my ears with the plastic suspension components.  I rotated the suspension up, and this solved both problems.  There was now room for my sunglass arms, and the helmet stayed sitting lower and more comfortably on my forehead.

Great minimal padding inside the helmet

The ventilation functioned quite well.  It was very hot every time I rode with the Mojito helmet, and it kept my head cool with lots of airflow.  I had a couple of instances of what I consider to be the ultimate helmet airflow test – when a large insect flies into one of the vents, and is immediately ejected out of the helmet.  This happened 3 times so far, and the bug was spit out each time!  The only issue I found was that I wasn’t able to find a good place to hold my sunglasses in the front vents when I wanted them off my face.  This was a minor issue and specific to my sunglasses.

The straps fit very comfortably and were quite easy to get adjusted.  I liked that the straps sat close to the head around the ears and they didn’t interfere with my sunglasses.  I was worried that the leatherette chin section of the strap would get hot/sweaty but this wasn’t the case at all.

Smooth leatherette chin strap

It took a few rides to get used to the feel of this new helmet, but I am liking it.  As I mentioned earlier, it is always good to try various helmets since head sizes and shapes are so different and no helmet can be perfect for everyone.  Hopefully Kask Helmets will find their way into more stores and you will have the chance to give the Mojito a try.

Taking the Mojito to the streets!


14 responses to “Kask Mojito Cycling Helmet Review

  1. Hi thanks for this review, I am trying to find the ultimate helmet which is not a Giro as their build quality is shoddy and have tried nearly every other company. I have a 54cm head so really hard to also find a helmet that does not make me look like a mushroom. I had the Kask K50 which fit superbly but also had the same sunglasses issue you talk of. The arms interfered with the cradle at the rear and I couldnt rest the glasses in the helmet when not in use. This is a really important point for me but I am really struggling to find the perfect helmet! It seems I will be going back to Giro after all! 😦

    Did you manage to find a place to rest your glasses in the Mojito? FYI I use Oakley Jawbones.


      • You’re welcome, thanks for the reply. I would like to get either the K.50 or the Mojito, My size would be the L/XL too, but are they low profile and does not look big on the head ?

      • It is low profile but how it looks is different for every head. It really depends on your head shape. My problem is that my head is “long” front to back so I need a bigger helmet, but then it is narrow side to side so most helmets look/feel wide on me. I think they are designed to fit a more round shape. I’d say the best is to try it on see if it feels good but I know that’s not always an option.

  2. I also suffer from a “long” head – was the kask good in that respect? what has been the best brand for shape for you?

    • Good to hear from a fellow “long head”! To be honest I’ve yet to find a helmet that I loved. This one was OK and the rear adjustment made it feel like it was wrapping my head. It also felt a bit “deeper” which I like. I also use a Specialized helmet that is OK.

      The issue is always the space at the side of my head feeling open, and not feeling like the helmet fits low enough. I should probably spend more time customizing the pads to fill the side space.

      What helmets have you liked?

      • I’ve got a giro.. Xen i think it is – best yet but still needs additional padding bodges and i’ve kind of compromised on size so it’s probably too tight on the forehead.. Difficult stuff!
        I fear we’re too small a target market to be catered for specifically

  3. Tried them all, Giro, Specialized, Uvex, Lazer, Bell, LAS, on and on there are so many. The Mojito definately blows them all away IMOH. Great fit, ventilation, and craftmanship. Oh yeah and comfortable too.

  4. I’m looking at buying one of these (and also have jawbones/racingjackets). You’ve got the helmet rotated quite far back in that photo – was that before or after you moved the back up to avoid the arms of the Oakleys clashing with the retention piece? Every forum thread I’ve seen on these says that people have problems with shades and I just wonder if people are wearing their lids too far back.

    • You’re right it does look far back – part of the problem is my large head (most of which is forehead!). It’s the suspension near the back that interferes with the glasses, and actually works better when it (the susp, not the whole helmet) is rotated down. I’ve managed to make it work, but it’s a precise fit.

  5. Could you photo how did you solve problem with your glasses?As I have Radarlocks,and don’t want to return helmet.

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