GranFondo Niagara Falls – Things to do while you’re not riding

So you’re coming to Niagara Falls for the GranFondo in September… but what to do for the rest of the weekend?  I wanted to use my blog to share some ideas of my favorite local things to do down here.  Presenting my first suggestion… Visit one of our awesome new craft breweries!

Photo 2013-07-01 4 08 01 PMPhoto 2013-07-01 4 33 06 PMNiagara Region is well known for its wines, and tons of folks come to visit our wineries every year.  There are now a couple of alternatives for those who prefer hops over grapes (or are multi-disciplined and like both!)  Oast House Brewers and Silversmith Brewing Company are both located near the town of Virgil on Niagara Stone Road. They are both relatively new, but have attracted lots of attention and their beer can be found on tap in a growing number of Southern Ontario restaurants.

Photo 2013-07-02 4 05 46 PMOast has its operation in a renovated barn that gives it a really cool rustic feel.  It is also bright red and impossible to miss from the road.  Inside you will find a selection of their current bottled beers for sale, lots of cool merchandise to bring home as a souvenir and some friendly faces ready to let you sample any or all of their current offerings. You get a good view of the brewery portion of the building through some windows, and can get the full tour depending on when you visit.

Photo 2013-07-02 4 08 57 PMSilversmith is just up the road, and located in an old church.  They have done a great job renovating and created a really cool space for trying and buying their beer.  By the time GranFondo Niagara Falls rolls around, I was told that they should also be serving food to go with their great beers.  The brewery at Silversmith is still undergoing some construction but they hope to have tours available soon.

So, if you’ve got some extra time in Niagara as part of GranFondo Niagara Falls weekend (or anytime) I would highly recommend trying out some of these local brews.  Enjoy the atmosphere, and see exactly where your beer is coming from.  Its an experience I enjoyed, and hopefully some of you will too!

RBC-GFNF Working (cmyk-no shield)I have been selected to represent GranFondo Canada’s inaugural GranFondo Niagara Falls in 2013 as a blog ambassador. I will be posting a series of entries like this one leading up to the event, and wrap it up after participating in the ride in September.


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