Gran Fondo Goals

We’re into the home stretch leading up to the inaugural GranFondo Niagara Falls.  The event is about a month and a half away, and the excitement is building (at least for me!). The post-ride concert lineup (Jim Cuddy and Barney Bentall) was recently announced, and it promises to make a great day even better.

I’ve been thinking about my goals for this ride, and am curious about what goals other people have for it. If you are riding GranFondo Niagara Falls (or any other GranFondo), I would love to read about your goal(s) in the comments section.  In one of my first GranFondo Niagara Falls posts, I described that one of the great things about a Gran Fondo ride is that it can be anything for anyone that wants to do it.

Photo 2013-06-24 8 13 08 PMFor me, on this particular ride, I am going to be all about soaking up the experience.  Working with some of the organizers from GranFondo Canada over the past few months, and participating in the VIP pre-ride has given me high expectations for what this ride will be.  I’m running a 50 mile ultra marathon the weekend before this ride, so I have no delusions of setting a fast speed over 125 km.  I am looking forward to a more relaxed pace and getting to enjoy the benefits of a closed lane through such an amazing part of Ontario.

My goal is to enjoy every one of the 125 kilometres that make up the route, and have a super enjoyable day with old and new friends.

Your turn – what are you Gran Fondo goals?

RBC-GFNF Working (cmyk-no shield)I have been selected to represent GranFondo Canada’s inaugural GranFondo Niagara Falls in 2013 as a blog ambassador. I will be posting a series of entries like this one leading up to the event, and wrap it up after participating in the ride in September.



One response to “Gran Fondo Goals

  1. My goal for the GFNF is to really enjoy the event. The GFNY was such a wash out, it was difficult to really enjoy it (too cold and wet). Making good time and coming in above the 50% mark doesn’t hurt either. 😉

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