TESTED: Ultimate Direction Jurek Grip

I’m always impressed when a company is able to strip a product down to absolute bare bones, and still make it effective.  The Jurek Grip is impressive in this way.  I’ve been using it for carrying a handheld bottle lately and it is awesome.

Ultimate Direction Jurek Grip

Ultimate Direction Jurek Grip

As you can see, the hand strap is super basic.  It consists of two rubberized elastic loops to hold the bottle, and a velcro adjustable strap to wrap around the hand.  The strap is made of UD’s Hex Mesh which is a super light, breathable fabric that is stiff enough to give a bit of structure and doesn’t absorb moisture.  The edges are wrapped with a soft fabric which prevents any rubbing or discomfort, and there are a few reflective bits to keep you safe at night.  That’s basically it.  These simple features combine to make an awesome bottle holder.

The strap ships with UD’s 20oz bottle with the kicker valve. I’ve said it before, but this remains my favourite running bottle.  If you are looking for a handheld, and don’t need any storage pockets, I would definitely recommend this one.  It would also be a great second strap if you use two bottles, and want pockets in only one of them.  Finally, a really good thing about this minimalist strap is that I can stow the bottle in a hydration vest pocket without removing the strap.  This is usually somewhere between challenging and impossible with bulkier strap options.

Jurek Grip was perfect to use with a hydration vest

Jurek Grip was perfect to use with a hydration vest

Check out the Jurek Grip if you want a lightweight handheld option for liquids only.  I know I’ll be keeping it as one of my hydration options.


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