Long Term Test: 3LC.tv Training with the Manx

3Lc is an Isle of Man company that has used their passion for cycling and applied it to the development of a very popular turbo training series for folks on that side of the pond. Peter Kennaugh Snr, Director and Head Coach for 3Lc created a set of videos that focuses on cadence with the goal of keeping the workouts simple and effective. No need for fancy complicated set-up formulas, just jump on your turbo trainer and start spinning.

There is five training sessions touted to improve peak fitness for all aspects of cycling be it sprinting, climbing, time trialing, road/criterium racing, track riding, mountain biking, triathlon or sportive riding. The main aim of the training program is to increase sustainable threshold, 3Lc believes this is the key element that makes you faster in all aspects of cycling. In the end, there should be an enhancement in aerobic and anaerobic fitness while improving specific strength and pedaling technique.

Over the next several months I’ll be using the 3Lc program and providing insights. You won’t find colorful graphs showing power output, heart rate, thresholds, etc. What you will find are my thoughts on structure of the program, how I feel before and after each workout, how the program fits into my family man/9 to 5 career life, and finally, do they work!

How will I determine the success of the 3Lc Program? In April there is this “little” race we have here in Ontario called Paris to Ancaster. It is our Paris to Roubaix and draws a healthy attendance of over a thousand early season racers. Now, early season form has never been my thing, being a cyclocross racer and all, but I figured taking the opportunity to use these videos, there accompanied training program and I’ll target a PB at this year’s event!

There are two available structured training programs, 5 weeks and 10 weeks. I’m going to utilize the 10 week program, but I’ll first take the next 3 to 4 weeks to get accustom to each video, which will ensure I maximize the 10 week program. From there, I will follow the prescribed training program and report back. Here’s to a PB!








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