Nalini Pro Summer Series Bib Shorts and Short Sleeve Jersey

Nalini E12 Alcyone Bib Shorts

These were actually the first shorts I have tried from Nalini.  After using them on a number of rides, I can see why they are a popular brand and a common sight on backs (and backsides) of Pro teams.

Comfortable Elastic Leg Openings

Before I used them the first time I was a bit concerned about the bulk of the chamois and the narrow width of the shoulder straps.  I am happy to report that neither of these caused any issues when I was riding with them.  The shoulder straps are quite comfortable and give less coverage – a benefit in the hot summer weather.  They are a nice soft mesh which is cool and feels good.  The chamois is more padded than I would prefer, but it never felt too bulky and didn’t bunch up or cause problems.


Shoulder Straps and Back

The elastic and grippers on the legs were great on these shorts.  The elastic was soft and just tight enough to keep the shorts in place without constricting the leg.  The grippers were small dots of rubber which I found to be quite comfortable against the skin.  The combination did a good job of keeping the shorts where I wanted them while riding.

Great Gripping Dots on Leg

The fabric and seams on these bibs were soft and felt good against the skin.  It was a heavy enough fabric that it felt like it would last (and wasn’t see through when stretched!)   Despite this, I never found it too hot, even on the warmest, humid summer days.

I found the size large shorts fit very well.  I am 6’ tall and just over 160 lbs.  The shorts fit me great and I liked the leg length for summer riding.  The legs cut off about 2/3 of the way down to my knee.

One final smart feature I noticed was the small reflective “fin” on the back of the shorts.  This little piece of reflective material would pick up light from cars approaching behind, and off to either side.  I thought this was a small thing that would give a bit of extra confidence when riding early or late in the day.

If you’re looking for a great summer bib short, and you like a thicker chamois I would definitely recommend these Nalini bibs.

Nalini E12 Rigel Jersey

Along with the Nalini Bibs, I got to try out the E12 Rigel jersey.  I really liked this as a summer jersey for hot days – it is short sleeved with full front zip.  Its got a lot of features that make it perfect for warm days on the road.

The fabric is nice and light.  The full zip gave unlimited ventilation control.  The sleeve length was short to keep the arms cool.  Its got a collar that keeps the sun off your neck, but doesn’t get in the way.  All of this added up to a great feel that kept me as cool as I could ask for on the hot days when I used it.

Collar is just the right height (for me anyway!)

I wore a size large and it was a perfect fit for me.  It left enough room so that it wasn’t restrictive like some racing jerseys, but didn’t blow in the wind.  Its also got a rubber gripper on the seam at the waist which helped to keep it in place.

Rubber gripper at the waist

As I would expect, Nalini has included some reflective details to help with visibility.  The jersey also has the standard three pocket configuration across the lower back.  These pockets are adequate for carrying the essentials but stay flat and tight against the jersey when you’re not using them.

3 rear pockets are deep enough to keep things where they are supposed to be

The jersey was well manufactured, with no issues on the seams or zippers to cause concern.  I would definitely recommend this as a nice light and simple summer cycling jersey.

I was happy with the Nalini kit I tried.  They are a well established company, and make some great stuff.


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