Aktiv Trail Series – Race #5

This will be a short one – this race went a lot like Race #4 for me.  Before the race I consciously focused on what I wanted to do in the race.  This series has taught me that you need to get your head into the run before the starting horn goes – when I have done that, I have been more focused and faster.  For me, the biggest thing is reminding myself over and over to work hard and push through the spots where my brain is going to be telling me to rest.  In these short, fast races my body will last at the high effort longer than my brain gives it credit for, but its easy to give in.

I felt like I had to push a little bit harder to keep in first place across the slowly rising lower singletrack section with the second place runner keeping close contact.  I worried that it was too fast and I might struggle up top.  This was where the mental focus came into play I managed to have my best race yet (in terms of consistent pacing).  I ended up finishing strong with what I think was my second fastest time – a bit slower than Race #4.

I was definitely happy with the effort, though I thought my time might have been a bit faster with slightly cooler temperatures.  It was another great night on the trails for everyone, and the Salomon Door2Trails tour was there again letting runners try out some of their fast new shoes!  Barb and Wolf from TrySport Niagara are really doing a ton of awesome work to put this series on.  It is definitely appreciated by all of us!


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