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When I first saw the Injinji “toe” socks, I prejudicially tucked them away in the same part of my brain as the similar looking shoes that some people run in.  Then I noticed a few of the athletes on Team Injinji are people that obviously know what they are doing, and they are doing it in these toe socks.  I decided I should look a little closer at these admittedly odd looking socks to see what they are all about.  It’s worth noting that from a marketing perspective, sponsoring people like Adam Campbell and Dominic Grossman worked perfectly in this instance.

A few of the many options in the Injinji arsenal

I was provided with a few different samples to test out.  The socks come in various weights (fabric thickness), as well as different styles.  I tested out the Original weight in Mini-crew and Micro, and the Lightweight in mini-crew. These were all from the Performance Series.  The micro size was great for road running in the summer, while the mini-crew had a bit more coverage which I like on the trails.  I had my doubts that these socks would work for me given my “unique” feet!  My 2nd and 3rd toes are are both longer than my big toe, which is wide where the rest of my toes are narrow.  Definitely not your average feet!  I was curious to see whether these socks could comfortable adapt to my oddly shaped feet.

Putting the Injinji’s on took a bit more effort than I was used to with a normal sock.  I had to get all 5 toes into their respective spots and then pull, wiggle, and adjust, until everything was where it should be.  When I say more effort, I mean about 5 more seconds.  The socks definitely felt strange the first time I put them on.  My 3 year old daughter had a good laugh (over and over) at the “gloves” on my feet!  It wasn’t until I put my shoes on that I felt like Injinji was really onto something with these socks.  They were comfortable and truly felt no different than a normal sock.

They work for long toes, wide toes and whatever other toe types you might have gracing your feet!

My first run in the Injinji’s was in the original weight version – these are the thicker of the two weights I tried.  I did a quick road run to get a feel for them.  They felt good and even though it was raining and my shoes were wet, I noticed a distinct lack of feeling wet toes rubbing together.  So far, so good and I was ready to commit to taking these toe socks on the trails.

I decided to wear them for a 25km trail run I had planned with some varied terrain and lots of climbing and descending.  I figured this would be a good test to see how these socks interacted with my feet and shoes.  I wore trail shoes with a much tighter toe box and found the original weight were too thick.  I switched them out for the lightweight Injini’s and they felt much better in the tighter shoes.  I had no problems with them at all over this distance and again, the only difference I could feel was a lack of wet, sweaty toes rubbing together.  The fabric between the toes eliminated this.  Another issue-free run in these Injinji socks.

They won’t be white for long!

To be honest, I thought these socks would add to the chance of rubbing, hotspots, and blisters since there is more fabric coverage in tight spots on the foot.  What I found was that the extra fabric actually held the socks in place better than a normal sock, with no rubbing or blisters. The fabric separation between the toes reduced the wet feelings in the toes from both rain and perspiration.  I have worn them for short road runs, fast trail races, long trail runs and they have been awesome every time. Injinji socks are definitely worth checking out – I am glad I did (just be sure not to wear them around 3 year old girls like my daughter if you have a sensitive ego!)

Check them out at  They have tons of styles, weights, and colors to choose from.


14 responses to “Injinji Socks

  1. I tried a pair a year or so ago and didn’t like them. I got a blister from wearing them. HOWEVER, the pair I tried on were given to me by a friend and they probably weren’t the right size for my feet. So I don’t think it was a fair comparison. Maybe I should give them another try someday.

    • Yeah I find that you need to spend a few extra seconds to make sure the fabric is in place around the toes. They definitely exceeded my expectations. Beyond the size I think the fabric weight is important. In my tighter trail shoes I definitely needed the lightweight, while I found the original weight ok in my roomier road shoes.
      Thanks for reading and your feedback!

  2. I have been wearing the light weight socks off/on for the last 2 years. After a bad episode of blisters in regular socks – I went back to my Injinji socks and have not had any additional issues. With that being said – I bought 5 additional pairs 🙂

  3. Huge Injinji fan myself. Maybe it’s just me, but I find their sizing is a little bit “off” if you are right on the edge of the sizing differences. I run in sz9 Saucony’s, generally size out around a sz8-8.5, and I prefer Injinji’s in Small which claim they only go up to size 7.5 for Men. The Mediums, for me personally, allow for too much extra fabric back in the heel area whereas the Smalls hit my heel exactly where they look (and feel) like they should. YMMV.

  4. I have been honored to run for Team Injinji for the past three years. Although I have been running in the Injinji Toe Sock for over five. I love them, all styles, as well as the Compression they put out. I have logged thousands of miles in them and never once got a blister from wearing them. Whether it be road, trail, gravel, or dirt roads, they just work! I hope everyone takes a chance and slips a pair on for a try. You won’t regret it and you will never look back! Awesome write up, by the way!

    • Thanks for the comment and feedback. They are definitely one of those things you have to try in order to understand why they feel better than traditional socks. Good thing they have guys like you to spread the word! Happy running!

      • Kent, thank you for the kind words. Injinji Footwear have been very kind to me and have been the best sponsor one could ask for. I do my best to spread the word. And thanks to reviews like this, you are helping spread the great news! Happy running-biking to you as well !

  5. My partner recently bought a pair of these to wear in her Vibram FiveFingers and she loves the socks so much she wears them in her normal shoes too. I might have to try a pair because atmos I don’t wear any socks when I run but maybe these will work well for me too.

    They do look hilarious don’t they 🙂

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