Injinji Performance 2.0 Toe Socks

A few months ago I posted a review of the first generation Injinji performance socks where I admitted my initial disdain at the thought of running in “toesocks” and then repented after trying them out. They are really great and have become my favourite running socks, especially for wet conditions.

My love of these socks has now been pushed even further with the new Injinji line called Performance 2.0. I was lucky enough to get a few pairs to test out (though only one of three pairs were in my size, so we will have to await my smaller footed wife’s judgment on the other 2 pairs!) and they definitely improve on what I thought was perfection!

Trail and Run versions

These new Injinji socks are more like the technical running socks I am used to, combined with the individual toe pockets that Injinji is known for. In terms of performance they felt great. The Injinji Performance 2.0 line uses differing fabric weights and weave patterns to improve the how the sock wraps your foot. I found them to be a great fit, and very comfortable. I mentioned in my original Injinji review that I have far from average needs in terms of toe shape, and as advertised, these socks fit perfectly no matter what your toes look like! In terms of sizing I found a major improvement with the Performance 2.0 line. The sock fit lines up with the shoe sizing chart much better than in the past. I wear a large in the old socks but a medium in the 2.0 line. Something to be aware of for seasoned Injinji users.

Perfect Fit!

The Performance 2.0 line includes various fabric weights, ankle heights and both road and trail versions. There are enough types to cover all running types and sock weight preferences.

The secret Injinji recipe!

If you’ve never tried Injinji socks, I would highly recommend giving them a shot. While the sensation of sock fabric between the toes took a few minutes to get used to, I quickly found they were much more than just a gimmick. I have used these socks in the rain while running through flowing water on trails and my feet felt like they were dry the instant the water drained from my shoes. Of course, they weren’t dry but just having fabric preventing my toes from rubbing against each other gave that dry feeling. I am glad Injinji is striving to improve such a great product – keep it coming!


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