Time for another 50k…

I wanted another chance in 2012 to have a go at the 50km distance, and luckily I found an ideal race.  The Mendon Trail 50K is this weekend (Nov.3) near Rochester, New York.  It’s under 2 hours drive away, and sounds like a nice, relaxed (and low cost) race.

Since my first 50km about a month ago, I have squeezed in as much running as possible.  I am over 300km for the month which I’m sure is a new high for me.  Aside from a nagging knee issue (suspect IT complaining about being overused) things feel good.  I am hoping that with this training, and an improved pacing and nutrition plan (that I will stick to) I will have a better race.

I am not setting a goal time for this race.  In terms of improving I simply want this race to “feel” better than my first one.  I am not at all familiar with this course, and am expecting some wet, muddy, leafy conditions with lots of hills.  None of this is conducive to super fast running.  Instead I want to focus on pacing, and pushing through the low spots.  I still feel like I packed it in when the going got tough at Run for the Toad, so I want to be better mentally focused this time.  If that happens, I will feel like this was a success regardless of my finishing time.

Of course, I’ll keep lots of mental notes during the race and share my race report when I get back.  After that, it’s time to focus on how to prepare for a 50 miler over the winter.  Thanks for reading!


2 responses to “Time for another 50k…

  1. Good Luck Kent. Will be wondering how you are doing as I head south. Hopefully will have access to internet that night to check on how it went.

  2. I look forward to reading your race report 🙂

    I found a training program on the UltraLadies website. Sure, it’s aimed at women but it seems to be really sensible from my experience of reading and developing training programs. I’m going to use it when I’m back at 50km distance at the end of next year and a blogging friend of mine just used it to compelte her first 50km race (they have 50km and 50m programs).

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