ashmei Mid-Height Merino Wool/Carbon Socks

Another ashmei merino wool product I have been running in lately is their wool/carbon blend socks.  What a combination – ancient wool and modern carbon!  The idea is to leverage the inherent properties of wool that make it great for running gear with a key benefit of carbon – faster drying.

ashmei Merino Wool/Carbon Blend Sock

The pair of ashmei socks that I have been running in were the mid-height version which I really liked.  Overall, they were a heavier weight, but were designed with various thick and thin areas for comfort and fit.  The toe area is one spot that is a bit lighter which felt nice in my shoes as it left some wiggle room in the toebox.  ashmei has also designed the socks with varying elasticity designed to improve performance.

Well designed, comfortable running sock

These ashmei socks definitely didn’t feel as hot as other wool socks I have run in which have been relegated to winter-only duty.  They felt much better in terms of temperature regulation as well as moisture transfer away from my skin.  I was specifically impressed that when I took my shoes off after a run, the socks were almost instantly dry on my feet.  Not sure if this was the effect of the carbon or the merino wool, but it was noticeable.

Different weights and elasticity make for a great overall sock

There’s not a whole lot to say about a pair of socks but I was impressed by what I didn’t notice about these socks.  I have said before on this blog that the best running gear I use is the stuff that I am almost unaware of while I am wearing it.  These socks fit that bill.  The fit is great, they don’t bunch up, and feel (as well as look) good.  They also still fit great after a number of washes (and even a trip through the dryer – oops!)  If you’re a fan of heavier weight socks, give these a try and see how great wool can feel and perform for your running.  Check them out at


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