Laying on the Sidewalk in my Arc’teryx Stride Tights

I don’t always remember runs where not everything goes according to plan. However sometimes an otherwise great run changes so abruptly that the event is lodged in your brain, never to be shaken. I still remember the first time I tripped over some uneven cement while running on a sidewalk along a busy city street. I also remember the second time – it was a few weeks ago and I was trying out a new pair of Arc’teryx Stride Tights.

I headed out for a short after-work run around my neighbourhood, and was listening to my favourite ultra running podcast (shout out to TalkUltra with Ian Corless). One of the topics was proper running form, which meant I was hyper-conscious of my own stride as I made my way around familiar streets. One second I was focused on achieving even and quick footstrike cadence, and the next I was sailing through the air – my body shifting from vertical to horizontal. I had caught the edge of an uneven section of sidewalk and couldn’t recover. I remember having enough time and wherewithal to tell myself to just let it go – it was too late to fight it. This meant I soon hit the deck, flat out, and slid to a stop. In hopes that no one saw me I was back on my feet faster than I had gone down. After a quick mental check I was happy that nothing was in too much pain and congratulated myself on letting the fall happen which prevented the inevitable hand or wrist injuries if these appendages had made an ill advised attempt the break the fall. I could tell I scraped my knees, and immediately realized this likely meant some damage to these otherwise wonderful, brand new Arc’teryx Stride Tights I was testing. Ripped knees on their maiden voyage, and on a city sidewalk no less – what could be worse! To my surprise they were not damaged at all. I was blown away – I’ve never known fabric this light and tight to the skin to survive getting dragged across cement and survive unscathed, but they did. When I got home I found that my knee was definitely banged and scraped up but the tights were in perfect condition.

How i picture the sidewalk that took me out (in reality, a far smaller aberration was all it took)

How i picture the sidewalk that took me out (in reality, a far smaller aberration was all it took)

Now I don’t recommend the Arc’teryx Stride Tights as protection for this purpose, mainly because I don’t recommend doing something so dumb, but I was impressed! Not only were these tights super well designed, great fitting, and manufactured with great features like a perfect sized rear pocket and ankle zips – but they are super durable. Hopefully they won’t have to endure many more diving slides on the cement at my expense, but I like knowing that these tights are going to last for run after run and wash after wash. So far they’ve been great for me even though we got off to a rough start.

The Arc'teryx Stride Tight also excels in much softer conditions!

The Arc’teryx Stride Tight also excels in much softer conditions!


5 responses to “Laying on the Sidewalk in my Arc’teryx Stride Tights

  1. I was about to order a pair of Brooks tights online. The order was entered. I even had my credit card number in. As I was about to click submit on the final review page, I remembered, “I like everything Arc’teryx makes. I wonder if they have running tights…” Sure enough, they do. After a little snooping around, I ordered a pair of these Stride tights. I hate to drink Kool-Aid of any company’s products, but everything Arc’teryx makes is amazing. I can’t wait to get these and try them out!

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