2013 Plans v.2.0

Well, its month #2 of 2013, and I have already fundamentally shifted my plan in terms of a to-do list for racing. About a month ago I posted my planned schedule of races for the year, and described how I had decided that, along with moving up to the 50 mile distance, I would do a bunch of existing races that were being grouped into a points series for 2013. I thought it would be a great because the races were all local, and the overall series prize money was good. It was a no brainer based on these factors, but as time went on I broadened my though process.

How could I focus on building up to the 50 mile distance, yet still be fast enough to do well in a 5km road race (and do everything else that my wife, kids, and boss expect of me!?) Before hearing about this series, I didn’t have any plans to run many road races this year, and definitely not 5k’s. I realized it was the idea of winning the series that appealed to me, and the more I thought about it, the less important (and less likely the winning part was) that idea became. So I have decided not to focus on the full series, but still run the individual events that appeal to me and fit my schedule.

This change also opens up my mid-summer schedule. I am considering finding a 50km race (or thereabouts) to do in between my two 50 milers (May and September). I still have to look at options and my schedule and see if something will work.

I haven’t really started focusing on a training schedule at this point. I’ve been trying to get out for a fast 10km once a week, run hills one night, and get some multi-hour runs in on the weekends. I am feeling good with that and the core and leg strength training I have been diligently (trying) to do. The weather in Southern Ontario has been all over the place lately, so that has a bit of an impact on what I get done training-wise. Its been everything from warm shorts weather, to slogging through knee deep snow on untracked trails over the past month.

Great strength training!

Great strength training!

I felt like sharing a bit of personal stuff amidst all of the gear reviews I’ve been working through lately. On that note, I’ve got some cool stuff coming soon. I’ve got a guest tester ready to put the new Salomon Snowcross shoes through their paces way up in Northwestern Ontario where they’ve still got a few months of frozen lakes and snowbanks ahead of them.

Thanks again for reading, and if you have suggestions for July races in and around Niagara shoot them my way!

This beats the treadmill anyday!

This beats the treadmill anyday!

Photo 2013-02-17 9 13 53 AM


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