I am a HoneyMaxx Ambassador!

bannerI occasionally find myself in the (enviable) position of responding to requests to represent organizations or products, which in social media is commonly known as being an “ambassador.”  This has become a common thing in the world of sports and social media, and many companies use this marketing approach.  When these opportunities are presented, I give them careful thought.  If the organization or product is one that I believe in and would be comfortable representing, my next consideration is how it will impact my objective gear reviewing ability for runbikerace.com.  In the past, I have accepted two of these opportunities as I was happy to represent the organizations (GranFondo Niagara Falls and Northern Park Apparel), and I felt they would not impact my gear reviewing objectivity.  I have turned down others that met my “believe in” criteria, but would have limited my perceived objectivity.

I am proud to announce I have accepted another “ambassadorship” for a new sports drink called HoneyMaxx.  I have been working with HoneyMaxx through their product development process and had the opportunity to try some of their early versions and provided feedback.  With the official market launch of their first two flavours, I have been asked to represent them.  I am proud to be doing so.  I use the product, and am happy with it.

honeymaxxIn the wide world of sports drinks, HoneyMaxx offers a good balance of the nutrition and electrolytes I need, it’s all natural, and uniquely features honey as a main ingredient.  I’ve been happy with how my body handles HoneyMaxx and plan to use it in my training and races.  I always expect my relationships with companies to be mutually beneficial.  Of course, I get something from the company, but I also want to help promote what is good about them, answer questions people have, provide real life experiences, and share feedback on the products.  I am confident that I can do all of this with HoneyMaxx and that it will be valued.

I also recognize that representing this product certainly impacts my perceived objectivity in the realm of sports drinks.  I have accepted this, and made my decision based on the fact that I feel any detailed review of a sports nutrition product is inherently subjective.  Beyond the ingredients used, every other judgement of these products is based on how they react with my body.  Since everyone is different, there isn’t a good way for me to objectively suggest that a product is “good” for anyone beyond me.  I have shared my opinions on nutrition products in the past, but they are just that – my opinions.  This differs from something like a shoe review, where there are many technical features that I can describe and review objectively.  In this case, I have had a great experience with the product (and the company) and will represent it as something that works for me, and will work for other – possibly even you!

I want to spread awareness of HoneyMaxx as a sports drink option, and share why I like it.  I believe in the product and the company.  Hopefully that will result in people trying it for themselves, and deciding whether it works for them if it provides the energy, hydration, digestibility, and taste that suits them.

I am happy to say that HoneyMaxx works for me, and I hope you consider giving it a try and “reviewing” it yourself!

HoneyMaxx makes nice shirts too!

HoneyMaxx makes nice shirts too!


3 responses to “I am a HoneyMaxx Ambassador!

  1. Would a drink like HoneyMaxx be good to use while hiking? Would you recommend using this in place of water or along with water to keep hydrated?
    Sounds interesting.

    • sure, its great to use anytime you need energy and hydration… perfect for hiking in the desert. Definitely could be on its own in place of water, or along with it depending on how much energy you need.

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