HoneyMaxx Sports Drink Review

Disclaimer: As mentioned in my announcement post, I have been selected as an Ambassador for HoneyMaxx.  Obviously that gives any review of the product a bias, but I will say that I wouldn’t choose to use this for the amount that I train if I didn’t truly like it.  Please be aware of this as you read my review, and try it yourself to see if it works for you!

HoneyMaxx is a newcomer to the vast sports drink industry, with a product that brings a couple of unique features to the table.  It is a powder based mix that is now available in Lemon-Lime and Orange flavours.  In terms of its unique features; first, the main ingredient in the powder is honey, a natural source of energy that has been shown to have highly desirable properties for athletes.  Secondly, its’ ingredient list is all natural.  While sports nutrition products obviously don’t grow wild on trees, it is nice to find products like this that use natural ingredients rather than a mixture of chemicals.

bannerDuring the development of the first two HoneyMaxx flavours I had the chance to try out the prototype mixes and provide my feedback to the company.  The product was good, but I felt it needed a few tweaks to make it great.  At the time I was impressed with how my body digested it, and its balance of carbs and electrolytes.  I have now had the opportunity to try to the production version of the mix that was just launched, and it is great.  I am still happy with how my digestive system handles it, and improvements have been made in the taste and dissolvability of the product.

HoneyMaxx comes in 500g bags which is about 20 servings

HoneyMaxx comes in 500g bags which is about 20 servings

One of the greatest benefits I have found with powdered sports drinks is the ability to mix it to my own desired concentration.  This allows me to control the level of carbs and electrolytes in my bottle, but also the flavour strength I prefer.  When I mixed HoneyMaxx according to the recommended ratio of powder to water I was happy with the strength of the flavouring.  The taste was noticeable, but not overpowering.  I have found that over long periods, my tolerance to flavours drops off, so with HoneyMaxx I have simply mixed weaker bottles for later in my training.  I liked having this level of control to avoid reducing my intake because I am craving a lighter flavour.  HoneyMaxx didn’t have any chemical taste that I have found in other sports drinks, especially those that are powder based.  Having two flavours was nice because I can’t stand the same flavour of anything for too long!  The two were unique, and I didn’t sense any underlying similar taste that the flavour simply tried to mask.  They tasted like two different drinks, as they should.

HoneyMaxx now comes in two flavours, Orange and Lemon-Lime

HoneyMaxx now comes in two flavours, Orange and Lemon-Lime

Depending on the duration of my training, HoneyMaxx may be all I would need for fuel, or for longer runs I would supplement it with other concentrated sources of calories (ie: gels).  I have found it best to continually sip on the HoneyMaxx and have had no digestive issues when doing this.  Honey has been shown to provide a more even absorption of energy, and with HoneyMaxx I haven’t noticed the spikes and drops in energy that I have had with some sugar based drinks.

As I have said before, sports nutrition and fueling is among the most individual decisions anyone makes in endurance sports.  I have been happy with this product, and hope others consider giving it a shot if it sounds like it might work.  If you have any questions about HoneyMaxx, check out the website or send me a message and I can try to answer.  One tip I will give is to make sure you shake your bottles a lot to get it properly mixed – I have found its best to mix them and let it sit for 3-5 minutes, and then really shake it again.

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