GranFondo Niagara Falls Training – Never leave home without…

I’ve been making sure I spend some quality time with my road bike these days so I’ll be ready to enjoy GranFondo Niagara Falls when it rolls around on September 14, 2013.  I wanted to share a few of my “must haves” when I head out on my road bike.  I’d love to hear what “stuff” you carry on road rides, maybe I’m missing something!

Some of my must haves

Some of my must haves

  • GPS – I’m a tech junkie so it would be very rare to see me riding without something tracking me! I’ve been using the Polar RC3 on my bike this summer and its been great
  • Flat repair kit – I posted some detail about this here already.  Always have it!
  • Phone – the ultimate emergency device.  I don’t depend on this, but good to have as a last resort and in case of an emergency (and great for taking photos!). I use a zip-loc bag for high tech protection!
  • Food – I usually throw an extra bar or gel in one of my jersey pockets just in case.  Bonking mid-ride is never fun.
  • Sunglasses – super important to keep the sun/dust/bugs/rain/etc out of your eyes.
  • Helmet – I wouldn’t sit on my bike without one.
  • Money – always good to have just in case (and if its your turn to buy coffee!)
  • ID – I use a Road ID bracelet. (I have a nice small one, so it basically never leaves my arm.)

So these are the basics that I make sure I always have with me.  Am I missing anything?

RBC-GFNF Working (cmyk-no shield)I have been selected to represent GranFondo Canada’s inaugural GranFondo Niagara Falls in 2013 as a blog ambassador. I will be posting a series of entries like this one leading up to the event, and wrap it up after participating in the ride in September.


10 responses to “GranFondo Niagara Falls Training – Never leave home without…

  1. I am contemplating joining this ride. It seems like a great way to get a fantastic ride/race in, as well as spend a good weekend with friends and family. On to the topic at hand:

    2 spare tubes. Yes. Two. It isn’t often, but occasionally I have hit something in the road that takes out both tires.
    2 CO2 cartridges (two tubes, both of which have to be filled somehow)
    Tire Levers (How else do you get the tires off?)
    2 ziplock bags. One to hold my phone, money and Credit Card. The other to hold my used gel packets (No littering from my bike, and those gel packets can really patch up a hole in a tire in a pinch)

    Maybe I will see you at the falls!

  2. A little trick: Before you head off on your ride, take a pair of scissors and cut an end off the packaging of your bar. It’ll make it easier to eat without having to use your fingers and teeth to open the dam thing!

  3. Many retailers in the Niagara Region can help you find what you need: Inception, Liberty, Bike Fit and Running Room (sunglasses, water bottles, nutrition, etc.)

    Check us all out on Facebook!!!

  4. After a couple of near misses, the RoadID is a must. Also never leave home if you’re going out solo without leaving some indication of the general route plan.

    • Yeah RoadID is definitely important for me, 24/7. Your suggestion to leave details is a good one too – check out for a really cool automated tool to help with this.

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