is growing up!

runbikeraceThings at are looking a little different these days, and along with the new branding we are working on more exciting changes to come.  Yes, I said “we.”  Three of us will be now be working on the site, and with that will come more of the gear reviews, race reports, and other posts you are used to finding at

The new site will have more of a website look and feel rather than a blog with a new style, new authors, and expanded content.  We will provide more multimedia offerings in terms of video reviews and photography along with written content.  What we cover will still mainly be focused on all disciplines of running and cycling (and multisport) in terms of gear and racing.  The expanded breadth of content that will come with the addition of two new authors, will give a much broader range of experience, knowledge, and insight.  Through each of our networks, we also hope to leverage contacts to share guest posts from time to time.  We are excited for this to translate into wider ranging content and an appeal to many readers.

We are currently building the new website design, with a soft launch planned for late-November.  The current timeline is to do a full launch of the new website at the start of January 2014.

Who are the authors?


Dan Dakin

Dan Dakin is the former Editor of Canadian Cycling Magazine.  Dan has a long history as a professional journalist, writer, and athlete.  He is a cyclist (road, mountain, cyclocross), runner, and multi-sport competitor.  He has years of experience testing the heck out of all sorts of gear and is excited help build  Dan will bring his killer multimedia expertise to and is sure to enhance your experience while visiting our humble abode.


Kent Keeler

Kent Keeler is responsible for the existing content you have come to love (yes?) on, and Kent will continue doing what he does.  Running as far as possible, riding bikes in the meantime, and sharing thoughts on some of the best gear and races around.  Kent is excited to share the reins in hopes that his infant website can grow into a bigger, better adolescence.

Jamie Schuman

Jamie Schuman

Jamie Schuman is currently the team director and a racer for Team 905, based out of the Niagara Region. The new site will also be the home of Team 905 and their existing web presence that Jamie has built.  Team 905 competes in a variety of racing disciplines, encompassing all of the sports we focus on at  Team 905 is also proud of their community involvement with events like their annual Kids Build a Bike event, and other charity work.  Jamie’s background and knowledge will round out the core of the content on the new and improved site.


One response to “ is growing up!

  1. Congratulations Kent!! You’ve brought this site a long way! You must feel like you’ve sent two off to school!

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