Down goes the gauntlet, its 100 miler time

I’ve known that sometime in my life I would try to run a 100 mile ultra running race ever since I decided to start training for my first 50K. I’ve been petrified by this knowledge since about 1 second after it first pulsed through my brain.  In October 2012 I ran my first 50K, followed shortly after by my second.  In 2013 I began training for a 50 miler and ended up running two of them.  I felt like these were a bit bigger than baby steps towards the 100, maybe more like toddler steps.  In taking these steps, I came to the realization that moving to the hundo was a HUGE monster freakin’ step.  With this in mind, I came up with tons of excuses not to try.  The core of this avoidance swirled around my “locked in” commitments – I have to work, and I have to take care of my two kids.  I figured that maybe if I wait until the kids are older, I would have more chance at decent training.  I should just put it off until then.  The problem, I realized, was that it would be many years before their dependence on me would be reduced in any significant quantity.  I would then be much older, and maybe much less in shape.  I know – maybe I should just drop the crazy idea of doing 100, or…. I could just commit and do it now (ish).

sulphur_logo_no_dateSTR_Fall_Race_Intro_LogoSo here’s the thing:  I’m doing it.  I am going to run two 100 milers in 2014.  After running the Superior 50 mile race a few weeks ago, I really want to tackle the Sawtooth 100 beast.  I have the utmost confidence in this race’s organization, course, marking, and volunteers which leaves only one variable – me.  I have decided that I would also do the Sulphur Springs 100 in May.  I know this course as well, and figure it will let me learn some stuff about running this far before I toe the line at Superior in September.



So that’s my plan.  I’m just going to do it.  A friend asked me the other day why I want to “inflict pain” on myself by running 100 miles.  I answered “Because I can.”  Like many people who do these races all the time, I can do it, so why wait?  Like Ray Zahab says its “90% mental and the other 10% is in your head.”  People can do pretty incredible things if they believe in themselves – I’ve seen this.  Right now I believe I can make the time to prep for these two races and finish them both in 2014.  I’ll gladly bring you along with me for the journey through this blog.  Here we go…

Me after 50 miles, I think I look like I have another 50 in me.

Me after 50 miles, I think I look like I have another 50 in me.


One response to “Down goes the gauntlet, its 100 miler time

  1. “I think I will just follow along in your blog!!” O!! and come and watch some of the Superior trail run in Sept. Wishing you luck with this Kent.

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