The Music We Ride With

Everyone is exposed to music, it just happens! Music is heard almost anywhere, quietly in the background at the dentist office, in the car, at a sporting event, in movies, out for dinner at the local Mexican restaurant (I love Mexican food, but I digress).

Music can provide an escape from everyday stresses, it can motivate, it can be exciting, and it can stir emotions. Some choose the soothing sounds of Jazz, others might jump into the intensity of Metal, and some might be eclectic in their choices, listening to The Killers one day and then Britney Spears the next.


Music is individual and the reason for listening to music is also unique. For cyclists, music can be a vital part of everyday life. Cyclist will spend hours riding alone. If the climate is cold and snowy (like we’ve had here in the North East) there will be endless hours trapped in a basement grinding out KM/Miles building for the spring. For others in warmer climates, hitting the roads to build a base can be long and lonely. So, to stay sane and entertained, music, of any type, can be the difference maker.

For the boys at Team905 Cycling p/b Steelmark Business Services it’s no different. The long and extremely cold winter has forced them indoors to build for the spring. A few weeks ago Team905er’s shared the music that’s bringing them through the lonely months of winter. Click here to see the top picks (song or album), you’ll certainly find the taste in music is very unique and always for a great reason, to ride a bike!

If you’re so inclined, share the music you’ve been listening to and tell us why.


4 responses to “The Music We Ride With

  1. I’ll have to make this quick which is unfortunate because this is a great topic! I love a variety of music, pretty much all music except country actually. It gives me a rash. What I will say is that one album that I have noticed really gets me into the groove of running is Wolfmother’s Cosmic Egg. The initial track, California Queen instantly puts me in the mood to move. There is one track that I don’t listen too but otherwise every song motivates me. I recall running many technical trails where I use the emphasis of the beat of a song for foot placement between obstacles and it will quicken my run and provide an almost “game like” period of running.

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