Arc’teryx Neutro Visor

This post is a quick review of a visor from Arc’teryx that I’ve been running in. The Neutro visor is a good choice when you want to keep the sun and sweat off your face but don’t want full head coverage. I admit that I am a visor guy – some people don’t like them, but in the summer I’ll take a visor over a hat any day.  I have a rather large head, and the size L/XL was snug but did fit.

Arc’teryx Neutro Visor

What is really great about this visor is that it is easy to stuff in a bag or a pocket if you’re packing or if you decide to take it off during a run. The brim is formed from a soft material and can be rolled up without damaging it or ruining its shape.  The brim forms a natural curve when you put it on and I found the visor very comfortable to wear.

All balled up and ready to stuff in a pocket!

The brim rolls up and bounces right back into shape

I found the band to be a little thick for the really hot, humid days (really hot being over 30C) but is great in slightly cooler weather.  It is made of the same material used in Arc’teryx’s backpack straps and doesn’t absorb sweat.

All in all this is a great option for running the trails when you want to keep the sun off your face, but have the wind in your hair!

Close up of the band material (and the reflective detail on the brim)


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