Arc’teryx Incendo 3/4 Tights Review

I managed to get in a couple of runs with the Arc’teryx Incendo 3/4 tights before the heat of a Southern Ontario summer forced me to relegate them to the back of the drawer.  In cold weather I like running in tights, and I found the 3/4 length perfect for the in-between seasons.  They were really useful in wet weather (especially on the trails) where tights (or pants) just get soaked at the bottom.

Arc’teryx Incendo 3/4 tights

The Incendo ¾ tights that I tested were a medium, which fit me perfectly (6′, ~163 lbs) although I had my reservations when I first looked at them!  They look a lot smaller than they actually fit, but once I had them on they were really comfortable.  They were a little shorter than other tights of this style that I have used, and covered to just below my knee.  They were cut at a good spot, and I didn’t experience any issues with bunching or chafing behind the knee.

Cut just below the knee

I found them to be really simple but functional tights.  I see a lot of running tights that have numerous panels and seams, but the Arc’teryx Incendo ¾ tights show that you don’t need too many fabric panels to make them great.  The waistband was also very well designed.  It uses a softer fabric that was very comfortable against the skin.  There is also a drawstring with nice flat openings on the band.  As I’ve said before, for running products, I prefer simplicity that provides exactly what is needed and nothing more.

Panels and seams where they are needed (also nice reflective logo)

Soft, flat waistband

These tights have one small zip pocket across the back, below the waistband. The pocket was the perfect size to easily stash a gel, or car key.  I liked this external pocket rather than the inside pouches that are attached to the waistband.  I found it easier to use and more comfortable than an inside pocket and having it behind kept it out of the way.

Nice zipped pocket in the back

All in all these tights were a great addition to my spring (and fall) run clothing options.  I didn’t find anything negative with them and I would definitely recommend these if you are comfortable running in tights, but don’t need the full coverage on your lower legs.


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