FootBalance QuickFit Insoles


FootBalance QuickFit Blue Insoles

One of the great things FootBalance offers is custom molded insoles… if you have access to one of their dealer locations with the molding equipment.  However, they’ve got a DIY product for those of us that don’t have access to a nearby dealer but still want a molded aftermarket insole for our shoes.  I received a pair of the QuickFit Blue insoles and have had a chance to cut, mold, and wear them.

I found the QuickFit insoles to be super easy to mold by following the included instructions.  I simply pulled an existing pair of insoles from a pair of my shoes, traced them onto the FootBalance insoles and cut the toe area to size.  While doing this, I was preheating my oven so it would be ready to heat up the new insoles.  I put the trimmed FootBalance insoles into the oven on a baking sheet until the attached indicator sticker told me that the desired heat had been reached (great idea).  Once this happened I just had to pull the QuickFit insoles out, place them in my shoes, and wear them.  As they cooled, they molded to my shoes and feet.  One step that isn’t in the instructions is to make sure you let your significant other know that you are using the oven and a baking sheet for CLEAN/NEW insoles! Also, wash the baking sheet!

Simple QuickFit do-it-yourself molding process

Simple QuickFit do-it-yourself molding process

After giving the QuickFit insoles times to cool and form I removed my shoes and pulled out the insoles.  They had definitely changed shape to fit the contours of my shoe and come a little closer to the shape of my foot.  The heating and molding process seemed to do a great job of speeding up the time it would take to “naturally” work in a new insole.  After I pulled the insoles out, they held their new shape and the great part was that I could use them in other shoes as well.

After heating, molding, and cooling the insoles hold the shape of the shoe and foot

After heating, molding, and cooling the insoles hold the shape of the shoe and foot

For running, I generally stick to the stock insoles that come with my shoes.  Where I have been using these FootBalance QuickFit insoles the most is in my casual shoes that I wear to work every day.  I find they feel great on my feet and provide arch support and more stability and firm cushioning than the crappy insoles that come with many casual or dress shoes.  If you use insoles for running or day to day use, I would recommend checking these out.  An important thing to remember that as with anything new on your feet, you should gradually ease into them, especially if you use them for running.  The QuickFit insoles aren’t going to give you what a custom pair of orthotics would, but they will give you an insole that immediately forms to your foot.

Check out the FootBalance website to see all of their products, and find out where to buy them.  They have a few insole options that you can use straight out of the box – and many more that can be custom molded. They even have a heated pair that I might have to try next winter!  Thanks for checking out the blog and feel free to ask questions, give comments, and share the review!

Fresh out of the oven, and ready to go!

Fresh out of the oven, and ready to go!


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