TESTED (update) – Strava App

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A couple of months ago I shared my thoughts on the Strava Run App for iOS and Android devices. At the time, this was a counterpart to the Strava Cycling App (but for runners… get it? good!) I wondered why they developed and maintained two separate apps with all the same functionality and only a slight different interface.  It is also fairly common for people to both run and ride (at least around this website) so to me it would make even more sense to have one multipurpose app.  Finally, the actual Strava mothership (www.strava.com) is the same whether you are running, riding, or dog sledding.  It turns out that Strava read my mind (or I was of similar mind to many others with more influence on the Strava powers that be) and have updated the former Strava Cycling app, to be just Strava.  The Strava Running and Cycling app now lets you select whether you are recording a cycling session or a running session.

Photo 2014-03-23, 10 32 59 AM

The real beauty (besides one less app block on your screen/memory) is the improvement to the social features of the app.  From the app users can now check out their adversaries friends on the user feed and easily give kudos, or leave some trash talk in the comments field.  The feed can be sorted to show everyone you follow, or just members of certain groups you have joined.  Users can also find and sign up for Strava Challenges from the app. Of course all of your activities recorded on your iOS or Android device are synced to your main account in Strava.com and anything you upload to the site will show up on the app.

If you sign up for a Premium subscription on Strava.com, it carries over to unlock the premium features on the app as well.  This now includes finding segments in real time, including an audio announcement when you start a previously identified segment, as well as when you get to the halfway point so you can put the hammer down to the finish!  Premium users of the app will also be able to post photos from the mobile site through a connection to instagram.

As a runner and cyclist I am happy Strava moved to a single app that covers both sports.  For dedicated single sport runners or cyclists, the app still functions as it always has.  For people  that enjoy keeping up with their Strava feed and stats, the improvements are great.  I like Strava, and I like the new and improved, integrated app.

Of course, the runbikerace.com team are all big Strava fans.  Check us out at: Dan DakinKent Keeler, and Jamie Schuman.  For you Niagara cyclists, Dan posted a great list of some of the local classic KOM climbs here with their respective Strava KoM segment name.


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