50K Race Training Week #9

Well, vacation is over (almost – I’m typing this in my airplane pod at 39,000 feet) and tomorrow is back to reality. I am pretty happy with how much I was able to run during the 2 weeks that we were away.  I know I also will benefit from the fact that we spent all of our days on the move which is more activity that I would normally do while sitting at my desk 5 days a week. Of course we ate and drank more than normal, but this is all part of enjoying time away so I don’t regret it at all.

Flying (and Blogging) Home

On Sunday we finished settling into our new rental place in Vancouver. We headed to the aquarium in the morning and then brought the kids home for their naps. I headed out for a road run during this time and covered about 20km across the city to the Granville Bridge and along the sea wall path. It was a great way to see this part of the city.

Monday ended up being a rest day as we had lots on the schedule.  On Tuesday I had a bit of time to get out on the trails. With only a short time window, I decided to head out to nearby Lynn Headwaters Regional Park where there are lots of trails and it’s a short drive to access. I ran about 14 km up to Norvan Falls and back. I posted more about that trail here if you’re interested.

Easy to train in such beautiful places

Wednesday was Grouse Grind day with my Wife (MK). I wasn’t sure what to expect but I wanted to do it since its something that loads of Vancouver people seem to love. I was pumped that MK wanted to come and that we had Grandparents to watch the kids! We did it in the morning but it was still pretty busy with fellow Grinders. I was surprised by how commercialized it is – the name is even trademarked (hope I don’t get in trouble for using it on here!). They have pay parking, electronic timing, washrooms, vending machines, etc,etc. I guess that’s why it’s so popular – its like an outdoor fitness centre. I was surprised there was no Starbucks aid stations on the route. Its a steep climb, with limited running opportunities – mostly power hiking for me. I got up in just over 37 minutes. I had a goal of sub-40 so I was happy with that. MK was up shortly after (she’s written lots about it here). It was cold at the top so we had some hot drinks then checked out the grizzly bears they have in a fenced bear habitat. We rode the $10 gondola down (felt with a rush-hour subway there were so many jammed on it). Even with almost no running, my avg HR was 163 so it was still a good workout.

MK and I ready to head up the Grind

Thursday I seized an unexpected opportunity to run the trail to Norvan Falls again with my older brother who was also in town. We had an awesome run and I was feeling fortunate to get in one more BC trail run that I wasn’t expecting.

Friday was busy with my younger brother’s wedding, and Saturday/Sunday were packing and travel days so I didn’t get in any more vacation running.

Heading for home

Now that we are (almost) home it will be time to get back to my training structure and get in the final few weeks of prep before The Run for the Toad.

For this week, its going to be:

  • Monday: 25km trail run
  • Tuesday: 6km road run
  • Wednesday: 10km road
  • Friday: 20km (road or trail)
  • Saturday: road ride
  • Sunday: 40km trail run (longest ever!)

I have 4 weeks left until Run for the Toad.  I am really looking forward to it and I’m sure these weeks of training will fly by.  As always, thanks for reading.  Feel free to send me any questions you have.


2 responses to “50K Race Training Week #9

  1. Good work on the Grind! Apparently, they did have a guy drag all his coffee making equipment up to the half-way point once. My co-worker bought an Espresso from him. I was hoping for a beer but, alas, they made me wait until I got to the top – Craig

    • Haha – maybe they do that on weekends when it’s REALLY busy. I heard a story at the wedding the other night from a guy who had to step over a dead body while he was going up – I guess they were waiting to get him down and he was laying on the only path.

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