Tracking my fitness in the Aktiv Trail Race Series

I’m excited for the first race of a new trail running series that kicks off tonight in St. Catharines, Ontario. It is the Aktiv Trail Series presented by Aktiv Life.  There are 8 races over the summer (every 2 weeks) with your best 5 results counting to the final points series.  Registration will remain open over the first few races if anyone nearby wants to participate.

I was talking to someone the other day about how fortunate we are in terms of race opportunities.  I bet I could race every weekend without having to travel more than 1-2 hours from home if I wanted to!  I feel lucky to have the opportunity to now have this series at a great location about 10 minutes from my house!  Niagara has a lot going for it.

The course is a fun, technical, and hilly 6K loop on some of our great local trails. Lots of single track, with a few fast gravel road sections thrown in to open it up. It should be a nice mid-week motivator and speed workout.

What’s awesome about this type of race is that it gives you a good idea of your fitness over the season. It is difficult to compare race performances within a season because every course is different, even though it might be the same distance. I used to do a weekly cycling club time trial race which was great for seeing (hopefully) improvements over the season, and I hope these trail races will be the same.

I’ll post some mini reports after the races.


One response to “Tracking my fitness in the Aktiv Trail Race Series

  1. Happy to see you have maintained your Northern mentality Kent ……’feeling fortunate to have races as close as 2⃣ hours away’! 🙂

    I like your thoughts on this new race set up. Enjoy!

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